Super Healers


We all have wounds. Some are superficial, others deep, some are transparent and others invisible to the naked eye. After the death of a dear friend, I decided to explore the role of healers in our society.

By definition, healing is a sacred art. Healers have occupied a central position in history. While medicine is a body of knowledge, healing is a personal skill, one that has been met with both laud and disdain.
Super Healers is an ongoing series of mixed media paintings that explore to whom and to what we turn to for healing.

The subjects I photograph. Their faces are tattooed with images relating to each of their super healer powers and ethereal aspects of their lives. As the skins of paint are pulled back, maps, text, characters and symbols emerge as cryptic images revealing lacerations on the exterior and scars on the interior of the surface. This body of work is layered with collaged paper, drawings, encaustic paint, and bits of fabric. The skins transform the subjects into a portrait and bring surface and depth together as one.

Super Healers are about the heart and mind. Mind and body come together and transform our healing in ways not totally understood or accepted. Healers must be joined by someone open to be healed and therefore, healing is a two way process. The intent is to stimulate dialogue and bring full attention to the subjectivity of perception.

Mystic    72x37mm – Mixed media on paper
Rabbi    79x37mm – Mixed media on paper
Intuitive    78x37mm – Mixed media on paper
Acupuncturist    72x40mm – Mixed media and needles on paper
Pastor Jones    72x37mm – Mixed media on paper

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