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TRIO of strong solo shows at AAWR gallery demolishes standard notion of “Cleveland art”

Steven Litt . june 2024


Written on Skin,William Martin Jean,CAN Journal,Spring 2014



Here’s Looking at Portraits in Ohio, Jud Yalkut, Dayton Daily News, Dayton, Ohio

Portraits Come in Many Styles and Moods, Ann Starr, The Other Paper, Columbus, Ohio


Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 8, Open Studio Press, Boston, Massachusetts


Lingering in a Ghost World, CSU Gallery pays homage to The Human Subject, Douglas Max Utter, Art critic, Cleveland Scene, Cleveland, Ohio


Brought To Light, Douglas Max Utter, Art critic, Free Times, Cleveland, Ohio, Volume 15, Issue 15

Exploring Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services in Native American Communities
Lauren Litton, JD, I.S.P Consulting
and Oliver Williams, Ph.D. Executive Director,
Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community


Out of Line, Imaginative Writings on Peace and Justice, Cover Art Front And Back, Garden House Press

NY Arts Magazine, International edition, Vol.11, No. 11/12


Reaching Out, Jud Yalkut, Art Critic, Dayton City Paper

Artist Adds to Faces’ Rich Histories, Pamela Dillon, Dayton Daily News


State Of The Art, Baila’s Fresh Faces: Tracing Embedded “Herstories” In New Style Portraits, Zita Rahn Farrell, Dialogue Magazine March/April


Timely Expressions, Catalog, Karen Chambers, Curator/Art Critic, New York City, New York

New American Paintings. Volume 23, The Open Studio Press, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Reclaimed Territory, Offers Women’s Perspective, Steven Litt, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Litton’s Paintings of Women Past And Present, Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News


Re-Presenting Art History, Catalog, Ronald Abram, Dennison University Art Gallery And Andrew Walker, Art Institute Of Chicago, Dennison University Art Gallery, Granville, Ohio


Exhibition 280, Catalog, Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, West Virginia

Painting Parallels Of Women, Marc Lefkowitz, Art Reporter, Cleveland Jewish News


Adams Art Gallery Exhibit Offers Surprises and Variety, Michael Miller, Buffalo Evening Observer, Buffalo, New York


Personal Territory, Catalog, Dan Talley, Curator, Forum Gallery, New York


Landscapes/Mindscapes, Catalog, A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

Cross-Cultural Integration And Contrasts, Helen Cullinan, Art Critic, The Cleveland Plain Dealer


The Specificity Of The Image, Dusty Night, Art Critic, Art Speak, New York, New York

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