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  Everything Touches Everything

“If we are a metaphor of the universe,
the human couple is the metaphor par excellence,
the point of intersection of all forces
and the seed of all forms.
The couple is time recaptured,
the return to the time before time.”
  - Octavio Paz

A constant theme in my work is The Human Condition and Perception. In this series, that theme is revealed through my subject: The Couple.

Over centuries, representations of couples have evoked a fundamental human desire for connection juxtaposed against the equally universal quest for individual identity. My couples are two individuals or forces, paired…each pairing representing a microcosm of the universe.

Everything Touches Everything is a series of oil paintings and monotypes. I work from photographs then re-photograph the images in photo booth -- cropping, blurring, and flattening. This process creates skewed images that bring full attention to the subjectivity of perception. The monotypes are spoon printed on paper, unexpected and imperfect in their shades of gray, reflecting the reality that nothing in life is black or white. As I move the ink with a wooden spoon and use my hands to finish the print, the process itself becomes a metaphor for various aspects of the human condition.

This body of work explores the dichotomy between what something appears to be and what it is. My goal has been to capture and reflect the complexities and contradictions of emotional life. In shades of grey and color my paintings and monotypes are maps of the elusive dynamics of human interaction.

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spoon printed monotypes are 22"x30" and oils are 10"x14"x3"